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The Ethnic Travel – Rajasthan

India is a kaleidoscope of traditions, culture and vibrant geographies. Each city has a uniqueness of its own and amazes the visitors with its beauty. From the majestic Himalayas to the stretch of coastline, from lush greenery to depths of spirituality, India will always provide you a jaw dropping experience. But when someone hears the name ‘India’, the first thing that comes into our minds is the rich culture and heritage. India takes pride in its colorful festivals, diversity of religions and languages. While every destination reflects India’s beauty, there is one such destination that is most suitable to have a sneak peek into India’s ancient and prosperous culture. It is none other than Rajasthan, the land of kings! India’s largest state and by far the most visited one; there are a lot of awe factors to this land. Spectacular deserts, wooded hills, bustling towns, ancient monuments, tranquil lakes and amazing flora and fauna, Rajasthan is indeed a mix of grandeur, mysticism and rusticity. So let’s take you to Rajasthan virtually!



Those who love history must be well equipped with Rajasthan’s glorious past. Also known as the Land of Royals, Rajasthan was once a home to several kings and their kingdoms. Every ounce of Rajasthan is breathtaking. The regal Indian state is known for its charming cities, palaces and splendor of its forts.



Jaipur, known as the Pink city is not just a famous tourist spot but the capital city of Rajasthan. Jaipur has plenty to offer in terms of culture, activities and sightseeing. Besides this, one can shop amazing stuff from the local markets of Jaipur which can be kept as a memento of the trip to Rajasthan.  Next is the white city of Udaipur which can be counted as one of the most romantic cities of India. Most of the buildings here are made with marble which shines bright during day time. Not just this, the city has many lakes which add to its beauty. Next is the city of Jodhpur which is also known as Blue city as most of the palaces, temples and havelis are built in shades and tints of blue. You can visit the magnificent Mehrangarh fort in this picturesque city. While being on a Rajasthan tour, we cannot miss the Golden city of Rajasthan which is Jaisalmer. This city lies in the heart of Thar Desert and gets its name from the golden sands and the same golden-colored sandstone which is used in this beautiful city’s architecture. Last but not the least is Bikaner which is a prime tourist destination and popular for its food and sweets. You can visit the splendid Junagarh Fort here which is carved out red sandstone and marble.



While being on a Rajasthan vacation, one can visit various heritage monuments which boast about Rajasthan’s culture. The Jaisalmer Fort is one of the most beautiful forts and houses museums, shops, restaurants, hotels etc. It is interesting to know that this fort is the replica of the fort that was shown in the famous cartoon “Arabian Nights”.

Next is the Amber Fort of Jaipur which was declared as a UNESCO World heritage site in year 2013. The architecture of this nostalgic fort is a fusion of Rajput and Mughal styles. It is carved out of marble and sandstone and consists of courtyards, palaces, gardens and halls. Another major tourist destination of Rajasthan is the spectacular Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur. Built in the year 1459, the fort also houses a museum exhibiting a rich collection of arms, royal cradles, musical instruments and paintings. The Rajasthan vacation already looks so interesting!



Rajasthan is not a popular destination just because of its culture but also because of its delicious cuisine which is distinctive. Every food enthusiast must taste the palatable dishes of Rajasthan. Dal bati churma is one of the most popular dishes of the state. Other popular dish is fiery Laal maas which gets its red colour from hot red chillies. A perfect dish for all you spice lovers out there! Everyone craves for the sweet after spicy which is why Rajasthan has the yummiest Churma Laddoos which will make your mouth water and satisfy your sweet cravings.



People of Rajasthan take pride in welcoming their guests and treat them like god. So, one can always expect a very warm welcome and great hospitality in Rajasthan. Since Rajasthan has been ruled by several rulers in the past, each region has its own folk culture. Tourists can enjoy folk dances and music while appreciating the beauty of this land. Various traditional music instruments are used such as sarangi, dhol and shehnai to create folk music which is sung on weddings, birth and even before monsoon to call forth the rains. One can also witness numerous dance forms such as ghoomar, bhopa and tejali. It is a matter of pride that ghoomar has gained worldwide recognition now. Major religions of people in Rajasthan are Hinduism, Islamic and Jainism. People of all religions live in harmony together and celebrate various festivals together. Do not forget to buy traditional Rajasthani dresses and handicrafts. One can even buy beautiful antiques which are believed to be possessions of the kings.


This is not just it! A trip to Rajasthan gives you a chance to capture amazing shots while boating at Lake Pichola. Brahma Temple of Pushkar is also worth a visit. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this temple is one of the most prominent temples and holds a special place in hearts of Indians. Rajathan tour creates a land of magical fantasies that become a lifetime memory. So shop your heart out, taste the most delicious food, click splendid pictures and create memories!


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