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India, the land of spectacular views, spirituality and colorful festivals can be exhaustive to plan for a first-time traveler. We at Cloud Itineraries give you a well-organized trip to India with some amazing luxury India travel packages.

India, which symbolizes ancient heritage, charming traditions, mesmerizing landscapes and a huge cache of radically varied culinary experiences, will definitely soothe your soul and all the senses but will still leave you wanting to know and experience more so as to quench your curiosity about these paradoxes that this country keeps coming up with! With some of the best India tour packages to offer, we recommend you to go through our travel destinations and pick the best India tour.

The amazing views

The India tour has breathtaking varied terrain with the snowcapped peaks of the mountains in the north to the sunny beaches in the south. Connoisseurs of the great outdoors can enjoy wildlife safaris, trek high in the Himalaya with North India tours, paddle in the waters of the beautiful beaches with South India tours or simply enjoy pine-scented air during a forest walk.

Food and Spices

From locally sourced vegetables, fruits, meat and spices, India will give you a taste of its finest repertoire of dishes. The hungry traveler can look forward to some regional delicacies prepared with traditional techniques- from the thalis and the marinated meats to the deep-sea delight. Do keep an eye on the famous street chaats and the biryanis.

Spiritual India

Spirituality not only connects the vast and varied contemporary India but also opens itself to holy places, traditions and rituals for those simply seeking awareness and knowledge. Varanasi, Bodhgaya, Rishikesh, Pushkar, Amritsar are a testament to the country’s long, colorful, and sometimes tumultuous, religious history.

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