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Every traveler thrives to find a new world within the world while travelling. Explore, analyze and traverse through novel regions are almost every person’s desire. And why not. The world is filled with beauty, waiting to offer splendid experiences to each one of us. 

We at Cloud Itineraries understand your wish to witness the charm of our land. With the help of experts we create tailor-made packages as per client’s preferences, budget and pace of travel to various destinations. We aim to provide an enjoyable and hassle free vacation to our clients. 

We are not just fascinated by maps but obsessed to discover what’s beyond them. A perfectly organized tour without any budget constraints is what you can expect from us.

We haven’t created these tours just to let you visit these places but to fall in love with them as we did. Need inspiration to travel? You have Cloud Itineraries. Need information and advice related to travel? Hey, you again have Cloud Itineraries! We are there for anyone and everyone who wants to take a life changing trip. 

We believe in letting you live the journey. Your comfort will always be our topmost priority which is why we let you explore at your own pace. What we also believe in is that one should savor every moment of the journey, learn something from every new road taken, make new contacts, visit bookstores of every city and capture views at every other corner so as to cherish the journey for a lifetime. 

We know that some of you are not very fond of heights and the scary tigers. But you really love trekking and safaris. This is what we do; convert your fears into adventures. Do remember, while travelling with Cloud Itineraries you will never be alone. We will be there to guide you at every step. Your safety, our responsibility! 

We recommend to always visit the lesser known spots along with the must see attractions. Do a bit of digging and engage in conversation with locals to understand their culture. Scoop up some truly special items from local markets wherever you visit which will later serve as mementos of your adventures. Ditch the daily life, travel somewhere, write a journal of your adventure and turn it into a scrapbook with all your treasures and tickets from every journey taken. 

You can choose a destination among India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka and further decide which journey to take. Spiritual tour, wildlife tour, an experience of the beaches, discovering your spiritual self, yogic tour, cultural tour and adventurous tour are not just some of the options we provide you. We keep in mind your requirements and create customized trips too. Excitement! Fear! Hope! Once you plan to travel, you will deal with many conflicting emotions. That’s how one usually feels before carrying out a new journey. We understand your hesitation and will try to soothe your experience with guides and experts. So make a wise choice, gather your stuff, pack your bags and travel with Cloud Itineraries!

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